Tuesday, January 31, 2012

socialsue's UFO - "Dawn Tuskers"

Here is my progress of "Dawn Tuskers" as of Jan 31st. I have 2 and half elephants left to stitch. It seems to take forever to see an progress.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

socialsue's UFO - "Dawn Tuskers"

Progress updated and two of the elephants are starting to show up. I am working on the 3rd elephant which will be grey in color. There is no back stitching involved in this design.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Southwest eyeglasses case

I was involved in Cross Stitch Round Robin group a couple of years ago and we did a mini-RR which means u stitch under 40w X 40h. My theme was southwest design and both Vicky and Mary did their part on my RR. My creative juice was in overdrive so I decided that I needed eyeglasses case since I have so many in my purse. Not all of them have their own case so some were getting scratch. I decided to use my southwest design and turn it into a case from my sewing pattern that I have in my stitching bin. I couldn't find my velcro to use inside the case so I searched for a chili button and stitched it beside the coyote and made a tassel to secure the opening so the glasses doesn't slide out. I have another set of southwest designs so I think I will make another one for my sunglasses.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Disney Mystery SAL

I am in the Disney Mystery SAL with Becky which means I am given a chart to stitch onto any choice of fabric and finishing. Since Lumpy has pastel thread colors, I decided to stitch onto a Charles Craft baby bib. I will stitch other Disney characters on both sides of Lumpy eventually. This is also a monthly SAL at the beginning of each month.

X-Stitching Christmas 2012 SAL Challenge

Lady Kell of Kincavel has started a new challenge of completing 12 items for Christmas 2012. We will post our progress on the first Saturday of each month.

I decided to stitch my collection of Navajo rug stockings. The bottom will have to be frog and start over because I mis-counted and had three rows too many. The far left is what I am working on until I am ready to re-do the bottom stocking. The two upper right stockings are finished. I am debating to use felt on the back of the stockings when finished.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Rabbit terry tea towel

Here is the 2nd terry tea towel for the set. Both are now wrapped and mailed out just in time to reach it's destination for my mother's birthday.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Rabbit terry tea towel

Stitched on terry tea towel using waste canvas with DMC threads. The designer is Margaret Sherry from Britain's No. 1 Cross-Stitcher magazine, Issue No. 237, pg 24. I am stitching the rabbit juggling with eggs on the 2nd terry tea towel to make a set.