Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stitch from Stash

I joined the Stitch from Stash challenge from Mel's group.   The goal is to stay on a monthly budget which is $25.00 per month.    This is to challenge us to stitch from our stash to help us to use up what we have.... I have lots of charts, threads, fabrics, etc.    It is a temptation for me to go into my two favorite LNS to browse around.  (Buttons and Needles in Victoria and The Stitcher's Muse in Nanamio)  It is like a candy store for me.    It is hard to resist buying those lovely fabrics, different color threads, new gadgets, charts from favorite designers, etc......   So joining the Stitch from Stash will be a good way for me to focus on using what I have in my stash bins.   Making room for new stash, eh?     Anyway,  so far, I have been working on "Frozen Spheres" which is a BAP.  The designer is Frank Lloyd Wright.   Also I have been stitching ornies for the "Ornament a Month SAL".    I also joined StitchMap group to learn new techniques of stitching various embroidery stitches which is a year long class.     Sandy, from the SanMan Originals is putting out flower design per month.   I am stitching these tiny flowers in a row for my hand towel when finished on 18 ct aida.    I usually use aida fabric when I know the item will require frequent washings.   Linen and evenweave fabrics for other projects.       I am excited to see how much progress I make in this new journey of mine.   


  1. I'm in Stitch from Stash too. I was tempted to buy some things "just because" or "for the future" but I resisted and have already saved money by being in this group!

  2. Me three! I bought only one chart this month.