Sunday, August 14, 2011

"Little Kate" at the beach making sand castles

I just finished "Little Kate" from Margaret Sherry's calendar. This is Little Kate at the beach making sand castles. This will be going to Quilt Angel Project for sick children in Canada.

Stitched on aida with DMC threads


  1. That is wonderful! Will the quilt have a cross stitch pic from every month? You are a special stitcher to donate your time and talents to a charity. Great job!

  2. Lovely finish and lovely project! What size pieces you need for the quilt? Maybe I can do one or two?

  3. The stitched panels for the charity for sick children is Quilt Angel Projects in both Canada and USA. Love Quilts is also a part of this group. Let me know if u want the link for stitching for sick children and older adults or stitching for sick children and I will email the link to u. socialsue

  4. It's darling Sue. Love her cute little face!