Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Black Angry Bird

I stitched this black angry bird motif to put onto my grandson's bath towel.   He is into "angry bird" so I have been collecting angry bird items and made a treasure hunt game with him  so whenever I visit, I bring a wrapped gift, 10 card stocks with instructions on the back with clues to find the gift at the end of the hunt.  He is thrilled with the game as he never knows what is at the end of the hunt.   I decided to stitch this motif and stitched onto the bath towel.  Other gifts consists of "angry bird" play-doh, angry bird books, candies in the shape of angry birds, angry bird board games, stuffed angry bird for backpack,  a wrist band with a motif on it, etc.    Soon I will have to change "theme" as he gets older.   LOL


  1. What a great idea and you're making wonderful memories for your grandson. I hope to be an awesome grandma like you some day!

  2. He looks great Sue! Can you tell me where you got the chart - I would love to stitch it too.