Friday, September 20, 2013

53 Weeks Scrap Challenge @ Samelia's Mum

I am getting behind in my 53 weeks challenge.   We are at week 8 now.   I have finished week one which is the pincushion challenge.    I decided to work though what scraps I have available and try to catch up.  I just finished week 7 which is an electrical cord wrap.  I found just the right fabric for this project.
The fabric has motifs of what you would see in a firehall.   I used this wrap around my ironing cord when I am not using the iron.


  1. This is a really clever little piece . . . I was wrapping up all kinds of cords today (quilt workshop) and thinking I needed something to hold them together neatly -- how timely!! Ps ... welcome to StitchMAP! :)