Thursday, September 5, 2013

I have lots of scrap fabrics from sewing projects.   I decided to join in on the 52 week Scrap Challenge at Samelia's Mum.   There is a new project every Monday with tutorials to guide you along with the sewing.  Feel free to join us to use up all your little pieces of scrap fabrics that you don't want to throw away.

The first week's project was a heart pincushion or ornament.  It is made out of my leftover scrap fabrics.  I used one of my Hawaiian turtle fabric as the focus of the heart and left-over solid colors around the turtle.  I did the same on the back of the heart.   I now have a pincushion to keep all of my straight pins from going astray while stitching/sewing.  

This is a fun, quick project!!!!

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